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Thursday, 1 March 2012

a week without you like a thousand years

Hai love, arini mommy nk share sikit ngn u,mommy dh dapat keje!yeayy happy sgt2 coz atleast mommy dpt tlg2 daddy :) mommy dpt offer kat 1marine company kat Bukit Jelutong,Shah Alam.Memandangkan our company(daddy n mommy)dekat so we decide tuk pg keje same2.So then bila mommy dah start keje Ar-rayyan trpkse mommy tglkan kat umh nanny kat nilai :( sedih sgt syg sbb trpkse brjauhan ngn u!tdo mlm pun xlena dbuatnye!xtaw nk discribe mcm mne perasaan ni. Sedih,rindu mcm2lah. Tiap2 hari mommy cuba kuatkan hati ni tuk mnahan rindu kat u syg :( tp tula bak kata org tua2 naluri ibu/anak sgt2 kuat. Nanny pun ckp yg ryan xtdo lena since mommy/daddy tglkan u(sorry :( ). Tuk hilangkan rindu,tiap2 hari mommy akan call just tuk dgr suare ksygn mommy ni :) n tiap2 ari aunty rara sent your pic to mommy/daddy. hurmm Atleast terubatlah rindu mommy ni :)

Pic yg aunty rara sent kat mommy:

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

2nd month as a mommy!

Today 1st of march you my baby ar-rayyan dah genap 2bulan...YEAYYY mommy happy plus excited sgt2!xsangke sekejap je mase brlalu! rse cm baru sgt mommy pregnant!alih2 u dh 2bln.Sepatutnya today mommy kne bwk rayyan pg chx up tp tula now mommy baru je 4ari keje so xdpt nk cuti...:( rayyan pulak duduk ngn nanny kat bangi. rindu+sedih n mcm2 lg mommy rse tiap kali bila tringtkan rayyan. Tiap2 ari mommy call just nk dgr suare u..btw next week kite akn move out to our new house kat kg.melayu sbg so xdelah rayyan jao lg ngn mommy! I'm very excited!xsaba nk pndah so i can spend time with u!


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

deliver time

Actual due date: 27 of dec 2011

27 dec 2011-31 dec 2011

waiting for birth signs, but unfortunately nothing happened. That time mommy down sgt2 sbb so many things yg mommy fikir. Coz you my baby still not 'popout' :'( it's already overdue but you still in mommy stomach. 'excited feelings turned into fear' the next day mommy dah start rse sakit2 kat perut but sakit tu xkerap.Mommy ingat lg we'll(daddy n acu)clbrate new year kat rumah coz daddy worry klu kua tbe2 mommy sakit pulak kang!

5.00am 1st Jan 2012

Ok this time perut mommy dah start sakit(contraction)baby mengeras every 10mnits plus dh turun darah! even sakit tp mommy rse excited sgt2 coz xsaba nk tgk muke anak mommy nii :) .daddy decide tuk bwk mommy pg hospital serdang.

5.30am @hospital serdang

Register. Firstly nurse cek heartbeat baby. That time your heartbeat xbrpe clear so mommy kne pki oxygen about 20minutes cmtu, then amik darah. Time tu mommy rse sumthing yg xbaek tgh jd yes mmg btl pun doc ckp ur heatbeat slow n xsekata. After a few hour doc bagi mommy balik coz 'bukaan' baru 2cm!pelikan? doc ckp selagi air ketuban xpecah selagi tu mommy xley deliver. Mommy n daddy pun baliklah even time tu perut mommy dh trlampau sakit.

12.00pm shah alam

Nanny n tok ya dtg coz rsaukan mommy xdeliver2. Then dierng decide nk bwk mommy pg private hospital az-zahrah bangi.Sampai je az-zahrah doc cek 'bukaan' dh 3cm. admitted. Dlm labour room mommy kne induce doc bg mase 3jam utk cek blk 'bukaan'. After 3jam doc masuk n cek the result still same, 3cm. Then doc decide tuk pecahkan air ketuban. Mase tu mommy menjerit coz rse die hanye Allah jelah yg taw. Nurse2 sume suruh istigfar. Even dh pecah air ketuban jln still bukak 3cm we got no choice lps u dh start poo-poo. Doc ckp % tuk selamat sgt2 low klu mommy/daddy teruskan tuk tunggu. Daddy pun pegi discuz ngn nanny n tok ya. Semua pun nk baby n mommy selamat so decide tuk operate. In operation room, contraction dh makin kuat sampi menggigil2 kaki. U so lucky coz your daddy ade with mommy. Lps beberape mnit doc kuakan u dri perut mommy! uweakkk....uweakkkk tula ayat pertama yg kua dri mulut u di iringi takbir dri doc/nurse2 yg ade dlm operation room. Rse sebak yg xterkata bila nurse tunjuk kat mommy yg u dh selamat dibawa keluar. Lps tu mommy dh xingt pape sbb kne bius. Dri ape yg daddy cerita, lps je doc kuakan u, nurse mandi n bersih2kan then nurse suruh daddy azankan u. Alhamdullilah u dilahirkan dgn cukup sifat. Perasaan gembira xdapat mommy bayangkan. Walaupun still terbyg2 sakit yg xbole dgambarkan tu tp terase hdup dah ckup sempurna dgn khadiran anak kesygn mommy ni. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

p/s:Mommy and daddy loves you *hug*

hey hey its you!yes you my lovely zafriel ar-rayyan



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

dot dot dot..

huhu dah lame giler xupdate baby dh 6bulan :) alhamdulillah 'everything still under control'. Mommy sehat n baby pun same, alhamdulillah. Now perut mommy dh makin 'besa' plus bdn pun makin gemuk :& erkk. Baby taw x?evrytime mommy g checkup msti doc akn ckp bnde same 'berat puan lebih lagi' pdhalkan baby mommy xmkn byk pun (yelahh tuu) hehehe.
Next topic is 'scan for baby gender'. Dh 3times mommy n daddy g scan but the result is still same. Xdpt nk detect what gender pemalu sgt baby mommy ni haishhh. Even mommy xtaw YOU what gen but mommy n daddy still LOVE you my baby :) *hugs*


Thursday, 26 May 2011

My junior needs it

Even its still early .. but the mommy has been making a list for you darling :)

  1. Stroller/car seat
  2. Soothers
  3. powder puff container
  4. cradle mosquito net
  5. rubber mat
  6. auto baby bottle warmer
  7. food warmer
  8. baby bags
  9. play-pen
  10. baby carriers
  11. walker
  12. baby bottle
  13. bottle brush with sponge
  14. breast pump
  15. feeding set
  16. milk powder container
  17. gift set
  18. bib
  19. socks
  20. baby towel
  21. baby cap
  22. baby shoes
  23. diaper pants
  24. blanket
to be continued...hehehe :))

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Just found out that mommy is pregnant

May 1
Mommy and daddy is on leave that day coz its Labour day. We balik kampung at Muar with ur grandma and grandpa. Suddenly mommy started feeling unwell like sumthing wrong with mommy's body. Every time mommy woke up form sleep, mommy will felt like the breast is very sore. Mommy tell daddy bout it and daddy replied "its ok, later we buy pregnancy test k.". About half an hour later, we both went to pharmacy and bought it. We done the test and the results is 2 line showing there but...1 line brighter than the other line....mommy gets confused.....and still not confirmed whether mommy is pregnant or not. After that, mommy and daddy go back to Atok Papa house at shah alam. On the way back, in the car mommy didn't stop vomiting as normal other pregnant women does but still did not know whether mommy is pregnant or not. Mommy still remember that mommy starving to eat 'Mangga Kuning' very much and ur grandma bought a kilos of that mangga to mommy (Anyways..thx to ur grandma)...
In the next day, mommy and daddy decided to go to clinic and do for check up. Surprisingly doctor said..."Congratulations ! u are pregnant !..When we heard that very good news...we are so happy and excited. darling sayang are 5weeks and 5days old... :)
For now...only that mommy can share with you...:)
Cant wait to see u born darl...
p/s:  we love you :)